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We are excited to share Penrakers new home. We always want you to feel welcome and free to express yourself positively.

We are going to be covering all kinds of subjects and ideas. You never know where and when the pen will start or stop and what may come out of it. That is my motto. What excitement is there if you are always babbling about the same thing over and over again…NO. Lets have some fun!

Let’s look at some subjects that are useful in your life as well as mind opening. Let’s not forget about fun as well. What is life without laughter? Feeds the soul my friend.

I have a long blurb already in my head about this new wave of law of attraction. I need to let it marinade just a little more and then I will open the doors to it. It truly is amazing how accepted visualization and spoken words have become over the last ten years since The Secret has come out. Before everything of that nature was a little bit taboo and now it is a daily practice in so many peoples lives including mine. Come to think about it, poker has come about in the same way.

I can remember back when Rounders first came out. So many people didn’t even know there was a world series of poker. World series always meant baseball. I big field used to be 100-150 people. Since Rounders and then ESPN poker has exploded. 6,683 players entered the main event in 2010! Talk about exponential growth! It has been this way for a couple years now as well. Internet poker was a boom of all booms followed by a dump of all dumps. What a crazy ride to be a part of.

Enough about poker, you can see that this won’t be your everyday site or blog. Stay tuned and join in.

Six minutes to success by Bob Proctor – Full Review

Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes To Success Review

a picture of six minutes to success

Six Minutes to Success is a new self-improvement law of attraction course by Bob Proctor. The market is saturated with digital courses that promise to do everything under the sun, but this course is different.

Bob is the foremost expert on wealth creation and manifesting success in the world. As a longtime student of the greats like Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, and Henry Ford, Bob has mastered the core fundamentals that create success. These core fundamentals, otherwise known as the law of attraction, our the key personality traits and habits that manifest success.

Our universe is made up of laws with which humans are required to operate. Adherence to this laws means moving in harmony and rhythm with the natural world. The great industrialists and masters of business have always followed these universal rules. In a way, by moving in rhythm with the natural world one can simply manifest success. If one ignores these foundational principles they will never be successful no matter how hard they try.

Bob has many different coaching programs available to people who want to learn more about the law of vibration and attraction, but Six Minutes to Success is different. Most courses dump the entire course on you at one time which can be very overwhelming. Six Minutes delivers you a single video everyday that is short, sweet, and informative. Imagine waking up everyday to a 6 minute lesson with Bob Proctor. As with all new forms of thought, most people learn best when information is “drip fed” over a long period of time.

To fully comprehend the law of attraction, most people will need to change old habits and paradigms that have imprisoned your mind for many years. The root cause of success or failure is usually firmly lodged deep inside the sub-conscious mind. This area of the brain cannot be readily accessed by most people. The only way to change your habits is through repetition and programming of the sub-conscious. If you do not yet understand this concept don’t worry, it will slowly reveal itself to you.

If you truly want to become successful in life you must drastically change the way you think. The problem is most people don’t realize this process can takes months and in some cases even years. The main reason Six Minutes to Success is so valuable is your get a six minute video from Bob everyday. Big changes happen slowly over time, and this course is the perfect way to begin reprogramming your sub-conscious brain.

Every morning Bob delivers a bite-sized bit of advice to get you thinking. If your like me, somedays you wake up and your just not in the best mood. Having that little bit of positivity and motivation every morning can really make a big difference in your life. In Bob’s amazing book You Were Born Rich he talks about a concept called the Razors Edge. The concept states that the difference between people that are successful and those that fail is paper thin. The difference between the Gold medalists and 4th place finisher in the Olympics is sometimes only a fraction of a second. In many cases people quit just moments before they are about to succeed in business or life. In fact, most people quit at the first sign of resistance.

To be successful you need to embrace failure. In whatever venture you choose your going to have set-backs and failures. The people who adapt and push through are the ones that will amass the great fortunes. Likewise, those who give up at the first of resistance will never create the life they want. The Razors Edge concept is most likely effecting your life right now. You are just one idea away from creating the life you want.

I truly believe that Bob Proctors Six Minutes to Success Coaching Program could be the Razors Edge difference in your life. Do you think having a short motivational pep talk from Bob every morning would help? After 90 days of listening to this e-course I can definitively say it has made a huge difference in my life. I hope you will make the smart choice and give it a try.

The Secret Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction:

attract wealth and abundance

We truly do hold the power of our fame, fortune, and future in the palm of our hands. It has been written since early times that our thoughts and desires can and will manifest when  we hold in strong faith.

 Matthew 17:20 “Because ye have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

This has been taught for thousands of years from the bible on. Focus, faith, and belief will bring you that which you hold dear.

Is this as easy as it sounds? Technically yes, but for the most part no. It sounds easy, but we have soon many negative thoughts and paradigms in our subconscious that control us that it isn’t always as simple as think it and it is done. Your beliefs are probably firing off in your head as we speak right now! It’s that little voice in there saying “oh this is a pile of crap, just close the page and move on.” Am I right? These are the things you first have to overcome to start having a clear enough mind to put yourself in the vibration to attract what you focus on.

We all have so many years of “you can’t do that”, or “that’s impossible”. Even things in the background on TV that you don’t pay attention to are constantly burring themselves into your subconscious mind everyday. We really need to pay attention to what goes into our minds on a daily basis. The conscious mind is there to block and select what you accept and what you don’t. With enough hammering though, anything can get through, good and bad. This is why your parents would be cautious as to who you may have hung out with growing up. If you hang around it long enough whether you believe in whatever “it” is or not, you become it. Once it gets to the subconscious mind, then your body accepts and puts out whatever attractive vibration that belief requires and it literally flows to you. Why do you think so many olympic athletes spend time training in a room with their eyes closed just visualizing and nothing else. Jack Nicholas would visualize every shot and what it was going to do before he ever hit anything. Look where that got him.

I can think of example after example of how people throughout history have used the law of attraction and visualization to achieve greatness in almost every endeavor  whether they knew what they were doing or not.

So if this isn’t new and it is proven to work, shouldn’t you consider applying the same principles into your life?! I have and life has changed for the absolute best. I have been in the most negative spaces and yes, I understand and know how hard it is to pull yourself from there and start to see things in a positive light, but you can do it if you want it bad enough.

The best place to start is by getting some good coaching on the law of attraction. Have coaching helps when you are stuck as well as gives you ideas and view points you may not have considered before. It is a tool that I will never regret getting. The value is worth way more then anyone can ever charge if they are a good coach.

I have a great way to get started. You can check out the law of attraction secrets Facebook page and get a feel for what they are about.

I’ll be covering more in another post so stay tuned…

Home Buyers In Virginia Beach – Cedar Homes LLC

   Real estate functions differently then other investment assets because one can deploy leverage. One must remember though that leverage is a double-edged sword. Using bank loans increases the developers risk, but can also greatly increase the reward. Take for example someone who invests in the stock market. Lenders to not lend on stock investments so any money put forth is the person investing.

Real estate is different because the investors partner with a bank who lends them the majority of the money. Most banks will lend up to 90% of the assets value, which means the borrower only has to place 10% down. The reason banks will do this is because the property serves as collateral for their loan. Now let’s go back to our stock marketing example. The primary reason financiers will not lend money to invest in stocks is because they have no collateral. If the stock price were to drop to zero then the financiers would be left with nothing. When analyzing property investments bankers will carefully study the asset and order a commercial appraisal. The primary reason is to protect themselves if the lender were to default. Most bankers are not real property investors and would prefer not to foreclose on people, unless of course the borrower has paid off the majority of the debt and the financiers have a lot to gain. The primary reason real property investments can be very lucrative is a entrepeneur can invest $100,000 and take out a loan for $1,000,000. Therefore, if the investment does well and he can sell it in one year for $1,100,000, ignoring all other expenses at this point, he stands to make $100,000. When compared to his initial seed money that’s a 100% ROI (return on investment). Now, one must also consider the flip side of the coin. If the investment were to go south and the property value drops to $800,000 then the investor stands to lose $300,000. In the stock market, unless your trading options or other advanced trading tactics, the most you can lose is your initial seed money.

This extreme risk and reward possibility is what makes real property investing so popular. The Federal Reserve attempts to contain the wild swings in the market, but as everyone has seen, the real estate market can go very high and very low quickly. Smart investors who discipline themselves to buy low and sell high can accumulate extremely large fortunes, and the ones who play the market wrong can lose everything. In fact, during the last big market rise and fall that recently took place in the United States many companies went bankrupt. Cedar Homes LLC is a Virginia Beach based investment company that buy homes quickly for cash. This strategy is very effective because they utilize a quick turnaround time when buying and selling properties. The short holding period means they don’t have to worry about big market swings up and down that can hurt longer term investors. They also utilizes an all-cash buying strategy which means they are not effected by banks interest rates and strict loan standards. In fact, during periods of market turmoil when banks refuse to lend companies like Cedar Homes can secure the best deal on distressed houses. In reality, they are a buyer of last resort for many homeowners who are underwater on their mortgage. The price the home is purchased must go down during this periods because one has to assume that buyers will have a difficult time securing financing. While They operate without leverage, the home buyer at the end of the renovation usually will seek financing. If you have a house to sell in the State of Virginia they might be able to help. Over the years they have worked with homeowners struggling with back taxes, liens, or even pending foreclosures. Their unique business model allows them find solutions where banks and other investors cannot. If you need to sell your house in Virginia Beach, Richmond, Chesapeake, Stafford, Springfield, Fairfax, King George, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and anywhere else throughout the State of Virginia then contact Them right away. Their office is staffed with a team of real estate experts ready to take your call and give you a no-obligation all-cash win-win offer for your asset. They work closely with contractors so don’t worry about handling your own repairs. They purchase run down houses, rental properties, vacant land, commercial properties, income properties, or any other physical asset. You can also find them on Cedar Homes Pinterest, your home buyers in Virginia Beach.