Six Minutes To Success By Bob Proctor Full Review

Bob Proctors Six Minutes To Success Review

Six Minutes to Success is a new self-improvement law of attraction course by Bob Proctor. The market is saturated with digital courses that promise to do everything under the sun, but this course is different.

Bob is the foremost expert on wealth creation and manifesting success in the world. As a longtime student of the greats like Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, and Henry Ford, Bob has mastered the core fundamentals that create success. These core fundamentals, otherwise known as the law of attraction, are the key personality traits and habits that manifest success.

Our universe is made up of laws with which humans are required to operate. Adherence to this laws means moving in harmony and rhythm with the natural world. The great industrialists and masters of business have always followed these universal rules. In a way, by moving in rhythm with the natural world one can simply manifest success. If one ignores these foundational principles they will never be successful no matter how hard they try.

Bob has many different coaching programs available to people who want to learn more about the law of vibration and attraction, but Six Minutes to Success is different. Most courses dump the entire course on you at one time which can be very overwhelming. Six Minutes delivers you a single video every day that is short, sweet, and informative. Imagine waking up every day to a 6-minute lesson with Bob Proctor. As with all new forms of thought, most people learn best when information is “drip fed” over a long period of time.

To fully comprehend the law of attraction, most people will need to change old habits and paradigms that have imprisoned your mind for many years. The root cause of success or failure is usually firmly lodged deep inside the subconscious mind. This area of the brain cannot be readily accessed by most people. The only way to change your habits is through repetition and programming of the subconscious. If you do not yet understand this concept don’t worry, it will slowly reveal itself to you.

If you truly want to become successful in life you must drastically change the way you think. The problem is most people don’t realize this process can take months and in some cases even years. The main reason Six Minutes to Success is so valuable is your get a six-minute video from Bob every day. Big changes happen slowly over time, and this course is the perfect way to begin reprogramming your subconscious brain.

Every morning Bob delivers a bite-sized bit of advice to get you thinking. If you are like me, some days you wake up and your just not in the best mood. Having that little bit of positivity and motivation every morning can really make a big difference in your life. In Bob’s amazing book You Were Born Rich he talks about a concept called the Razors Edge. The concept states that the difference between people that are successful and those that fail is paper thin. The difference between the Gold medalists and 4th place finisher in the Olympics is sometimes only a fraction of a second. In many cases people quit just moments before they are about to succeed in business or life. In fact, most people quit at the first sign of resistance.

To be successful you need to embrace failure. In whatever venture you choose you are going to have setbacks and failures. The people who adapt and push through are the ones that will amass the great fortunes. Likewise, those who give up at the first of resistance will never create the life they want. The Razors Edge concept is most likely affecting your life right now. You are just one idea away from creating the life you want.

I truly believe that Bob Proctors Six Minutes to Success Coaching Program could be the Razors Edge difference in your life. Do you think having a short motivational pep talk from Bob every morning would help? After 90 days of listening to this e-course I can definitively say it has made a huge difference in my life. I hope you will make the smart choice and give it a try.

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