What Women Are Running For Political Offices In 2018


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(CNN)Call it the Rihanna approach to running for office. (Or for those of a different …

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In the biggest upset of the 2018 elections so far … struck a nerve in the race in …

A record number of women are running for office in 2018. Here are 10 to watch: Laura Moser, Stacey Abrams, Lindsay Brown, Gina Ortiz Jones, Fayrouz Sayad, Lauren …

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A record number of women are running for federal, state, and local political office, many for the first time, in the 2018 midterm elections. Their effect on the …

Watch video · An unprecedented surge of female candidates are running for office, from the u.s. senate and state legislatures to local school boards.

Women are running for office in Texas at record numbersMavetera is the ZANU-PF Seke-Chikomba women’s quota representative in the …

She has frequently and loudly insisted on his removal from office – based on what …

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